Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get set up?

If you register during office hours you can usually start the same day. We also process applications during the weekend. All you have to do is register here and supply us with the necessary details to set up your account. Once your account is approved you can start working as a webcam girl.

What type of performers are you looking for?

The most important thing is that you are friendly and happy to work as a webcam model. You will need to be at least 18 years old and have a British nationality. We accept all sizes, shapes and ages (18+). Most of our models look like the girl next door and are actually very populair amoungst our visitors.

Can I also work as a phone chat operator only?

Yes. It's possible to only offer phone chat services. All phone chat providers will still need to provide their profile with 3 profile pictures. If you are normally working as a webcam model but can't or don't want to offer webcam you can also just enable your phone chat services for that day.

Do you only accept women?

We accept women, men (as gay performers), t-girls/she-males and couples. If you want to work as a solo performer and with a partner we can create 2 seperate profiles for you.

Why do you need to see my ID?

We need to make sure everyone working as a webcam model is at least 18 years old. Your ID is only used to confirm your date of birth.

I don't have any experience can I still work for you?

You don't need any experience to work for UK webcam job. We will help you to get started and our support team is available 365 days a year to help you.

How much does it cost?

Joining UK Webcam job is 100% free. There is no joining fee and we'll never bill you for working on our platform.

Do you also accept temporary webcam models?

Yes, we do! No matter if you want to work with UK webcamjob longterm or just until you've made some extra income for that holiday, you can sign up with us.

What if I want to quit?

If you no longer wish to work as a webcam model all you have to do is send us an email and we will deactivate and delete your profile. Any outstanding earnings will be transfered to you the next day. If you just want to take a break from working as a camgirl we can temporary deactivate your account so it's not visible but you don't lose your profile.